Short film directed by Brian & Karl

“In 6 minutes, Brian and Karl’s new short film Putting on the Dish creates a complete environment of the homosexual under Britain’s anti-homosexuality laws.” – Julius Kassendorf, The Solute.

“A fantastic short…It’s a poignant scene, made all the more so by our knowledge that this exquisite mode of communication will soon only exist in museums and preservation documents like this film.” – J. Bryan Lowder,

London, 1962. Two strangers strike up a conversation on a park bench about life, sex and the hostile world they find themselves in as gay men. The conversation might be commonplace, but the language isn’t, because the two men are speaking in Polari.

Polari was a form of slang spoken by some gay men in Britain prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967. Used primarily as a coded way for them to discuss their experiences, it quickly fell out of use in the 70s, although several words entered mainstream English and are still used today.

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