Below are a couple of pieces of 3D capture work that I made while working in The Archives at King’s College London. I taught myself to use a laser scanner and photogrammetry to create proofs of concept of how the archive could digitally preserve its physical objects and spaces, both to provide remote access and to provide . They all need more work in terms of tidying up but they were very successful given the time and resources I had available and are now featured on the university’s Digital Scholarship page.

King’s College London Chapel

For this project I used a Faro Focus laser scanner. It’s a complicated space with lots of line of sight issues, so it took a large number of scans. The original data is all stored in the archive so it can be used for future projects. I wrote an article about the project here.

Basil Liddell Hart Bust

This was a test of using photogrammetry on smaller objects using my Fuji X-E3 and Reality Capture. I lit the model within Sketchfab. The bust is nailed in place up against a wall so it was impossible to get a full 360, hence the voids at the back, but the majority of the model came out very well. The plaque is extremely reflective, and eventually I could flatten that out in Blender.